StCVCA Corvette Car Show, Stillwater MN (Aug 2008)
StCVCA Corvette Car Show, Stillwater MN (Aug 2008)
StCVCA Corvette Car Show, Stillwater MN (Aug 2008)

You have a vehicle you love and want to capture its essence for display, either as a print on a wall or table, as a screensaver or background for your computer, as your Facebook timeline cover image, online in your blog or website, or as a poster at a car show.

Let us work together to create an impressive portrait of your vehicle that you will be thrilled with and can enjoy for many years to come!

Use the Contact page to request an initial consultation.


First we talk (either in person or via phone) about what you want and what you expect. This helps me to understand your vision for how you want your vehicle to be presented. Then we schedule a time and location for the vehicle photo session.

After the photo session, allow up to two weeks processing time for Standard Portrait photos. I will e-mail you information on how to access and view your photos on-line when your photo gallery is available.

Your photo gallery will remain on-line for 30 days from the date of the e-mail to allow you to view, share, and make purchases.


-- Option VP-PS-1: Vehicle only photo session: $50 plus tax

-- Option VP-PS-2: Vehicle with owner photo session: $75 plus tax

A $25 deposit is required at the time of booking and the rest of the balance is due at the time of the photo session.

Accepted forms of payment are check or cash.


Mileage Charge: Photo session locations must be within the Twin Cities MN area and the first 40 driving miles round trip from my home are free. Travel to locations more than 40 driving miles round trip from my home will incur a charge of $0.75 per mile over the 40 miles.

Cancellations must be made at the earliest possible time. Your deposit is refundable only if photo session is cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled day.


Both vehicle portrait options include a scheduled photo session for up to 2 hours, including set up time, at a location of your choosing. You can expect 10-15 Standard Portrait photos from the session to be posted to an on-line photo gallery for viewing and to make purchases.

There is a charge of $20 for each additional 1/2 hour if the photo session is extended beyond 2 hours.

-- Option VP-PS-1 will only include photos of the vehicle itself, from various angles and points of view.

-- Option VP-PS-2 will also include the owner in some of the photos, posed in various locations and fashions with the vehicle in one set of clothing.

Note: Premier Series Prints, Digital Copies, and Prints of the photos are not included in the photo session fees.


Standard post production photo retouch and edit processing is provided for 10-15 selected photos from your photo session.

Post production processing for Standard Portrait photos may include airbrushing, sharpening, color correction, and cropping as required to achieve high quality photos that still look natural and not overly processed.


Various options are available to turn photos from your photo session into one or more Premier Series Prints. For example, a collage or montage of several photos and text can be put together to produce a custom poster.

There is a one-time nonrefundable fee to create a Premier Series Print and it includes one initial consulting session to design the print and then two feedback/review sessions to finalize the print. The final Premier Series Print is made available in your photo gallery for on-line viewing and to make purchases.

Contact me to discuss the custom options and prices for creating a Premier Series Print.


The Standard Portrait photos from the photo session and any Premier Series Prints are posted to an on-line photo gallery for viewing and to make purchases. Your photo gallery will be available to you within two weeks after your photo session and you will be sent an e-mail notice with access information.

After 30 days from the initial e-mail notice, your photo gallery will be removed from on-line access. Contact me if you need more time to view and purchase photos from your photo gallery


-- Option VP-PO-DL: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD $25 per photo plus tax

You can select to download a single photo from your on-line photo gallery, including Premier Series Prints, as a full resolution JPEG file on your own computer. You can use this file, for example, to make your own prints, as a screen saver or background for your computer, on-line in your blog or website, or to e-mail to your friends. Contact me directly if you select this purchasing option.


This is a DVD containing the full resolution JPEG files for your photo gallery, not including the Premier Series Prints. It also includes a signed Copyright Release and the ability to reproduce the photos as prints using a service of your own choosing. Contact me directly if you select this purchasing option.

-- Option VP-PO-PR: PRINTS (pricing varies)

You can use the "*Buy" option to purchase any of the photos in your on-line photo gallery, including Premier Series Prints. Various sizes and print options are available in the shopping cart.

*Note that a 3rd party professional lab handles all aspects of the "Buy" order fulfillment process, including printing, payment processing, and shipping. I do not personally have access to any credit card information. All of your information, including your e-mail address, will be kept private.

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